A Big Achievment Today

What a wonderful day it has been; I have drawn a demand draft from the bank; I got attestation for my passport size photograph; I took photocopies of the application; And finally applied for my examinations commencing for my 2nd year MBA course. Every thing happened in such an amazing efficiency that I feel so much impressed of myself.

I woke up very late on today, the first day of my weekend. Oh!… well!… not exactly. It is earlier than most of the weekends. I woke up at 11.30 A.M. Almost one and a half hours earlier than other weekends. I remembered instantly after waking up that I am already 10 days after due date to submit the application for my examinations. I haven’t even filled in the application form that I took print out my office.

Brushed my teeth; Went to bathroom; That’s it!… I am sitting in front of my computer with the application form and all the necessary documents. Not all the documents; I am sitting in front of my computer because I need some more information to fill in the application. Ya I don’t know the subject codes and the examination center codes.

[Excuse me for instantly switching from past tense narration to present tense narration. It happened some where in the above paragraph]

The application is now ready with all the necessary information filled in. Now I am searching inside my big pile of something that could be called “important papers”, for my passport size photograph. I got it instantly, … must have gone through this junk of documents so many times.

I think my friend and my room mate Selvin is back from the bank. He woke earlier than me today and went to SBI bank to open an account. Well he is also very much earlier today. He used to woke up after 1.00pm in the weekends.

My god this article is pretty boring for myself. Don’t worry I will speed it up a little bit. Well after that me and Selvin went to lunch; went to bank to draw the demand draft for my application; Went to Government Hospital to get my photo attested by an gazetted doctor; Found a shop to take photocopies of the application form for my reference; Went to the post office; Sent the mail by registered post;

ppfuh… What a relief! It was 2.55pm and it was such a relief that my job is well done for the day. I started enjoying the weekend from then. Well guess what I did then. …. …. …. Wonderful! you are right. I was back to home and fell asleep.

Roughly in 3 hours I have finished something which I thought of “Why don’t we do it on day after tomorrow?”. It is always very hard to overcome laziness, fear and hesitation. But when you overcome it and accomplish something, nothing in the world can compensate for the happiness, the pride and the self respect you get from it except next time you do like that.

[I think I have again switched the narration style. Oops!… sorry]

By Vibgy

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