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Cyber crime as any other crime

Should you be worried about all the fuzz about the hike in cyber crime? Our modern day life increasingly depends on computer systems in all shapes and sizes. So, Yes, you should be worried. But worrying is not enough. Like all the problems, worrying itself won’t do you any good, if you don’t take precautions. Worrying is […]


Music and Humans

Utterly mesmerized by Imagine Dragons – Demons. I was wondering how nicely few instruments were put together to produce such a great music. So, will lot of instruments clutter the music? Not exactly. After Demons song, I listened to Beethoven – Symphony no. 9. Well, you can use hundreds of instruments and still produce beautiful music. […]


Windows 8.1 Experience

Bottom right corner of my desktop reminded me that I have 85 days left for the evaluation license of Windows 8.1 Enterprise. I thought may I should share some of my prejudices of this fresh and new release from Microsoft. I call it prejudices because it has only been 5 days since I installed the […]

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Sprintask 0.3 Released

It has been more than an year since I’ve released the beta version of Sprintask. Around 6 months ago Sprintask 0.3 was ready. But I thought of testing it for a few weeks before releasing. Few weeks became 6 months. Today I’ve been cleaning up my website a bit and thought that I should release […]

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Graphics Design – Infographics

If you are a graphics designer, you may know about this information already. If you’re seeking a graphics designer for his services, you may want to know about the industry. This infographics explains what you will get from what you expect. This may apply to other industry services also.

Small Story Writing

Software Guy – Story

Vijay was ocuppied with lot of thoughts when he was driving his bike home after a long days work. The clock had already crossed 10:30 p.m. The bright coloured t-shirt and slightly faded jeans with woodlands shoe were enough to prove that it was end of that work week. Like most of the young men […]

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Sprintask Beta – Cooking

It has been a long time since Sprintask has been released. Though it has been an hobbyist project, I’ve used it extensively for my own purpose and found it very effective in tracking time in different tasks. After collecting many recommendations from the users (mostly my friends), I started to develop a new version of […]

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Sprintask Bug Fix – IE Compatibility Issue Solved

Bug: Today one of my friends sent me a screen shot of a major bug encountered while opening in IE6. It’s a javascript error. Cause: There is timer which removes the red label directing new users to help. When the timer times out, it calls a function. Inside this function, new object variable is […]

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Sprintask Launched

Sprintask has been launched with minimal features. One feature which I really wanted to do before uploading was the ability to login. I may need couple of weekends to finish it. I want to give a new verb name for what you do in How about you sprintask in Open the link […]

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Sprintask Bug Fixed: Wrong month in whitearea

Bug: When the task details are added to the white area, the month was showing 1 for Feb, which should be 2. Cause: In javascript getMonth() function returns a number representing the month starting from 0 to 11. But this is not how we understand month. Fix: Put getMonth()+1 in the script Please feel free […]