Cyber crime as any other crime

Should you be worried about all the fuzz about the hike in cyber crime? Our modern day life increasingly depends on computer systems in all shapes and sizes. So, Yes, you should be worried. But worrying is not enough. Like all the problems, worrying itself won’t do you any good, if you don’t take precautions.

Worrying is a normal and healthy response when you see a risk. But the real benefit of worrying is to take precautions to defend against the threat. Let us deal with cyber crime as any other crime. I’m not going to spell every detail of how to protect yourself. This is an attempt to tune your instincts to see things differently and kindle the curiosity in you to explore the details yourself.

  • Buy better locks to protect your house ==>> Use better passwords to protect your bank account

  • Don't share all personal info outside trusted circle ==>> Don't post everything on facebook, twitter or other social media
  • Read news to protect against new ways crimes are committed ==>> Update your software to protect against new viruses and malware

Technology critics worry about the more and more reliance on computers as a negative thing. They worry that the computer system can be hacked and put many people at risk. But how about the legal system, education system or healthcare system? Haven’t those been hacked? How many criminals are misusing these systems? But there is hope. We’re closing the gaps and filling the holes. We’re improving.

Similarly we’ll improve in defending against cyber crimes also. Cyber age is inevitable. Only way to protect yourself is to embrace it and learn about it. It doesn’t matter if you think of technology as a friend or enemy, remember this quote:

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Bike Ride To MEPZ Office – A Lesson Learned

Few months back my work location was changed to office inside MEPZ (Madras Export Processing Zone). This is one of the Special Economic Zones in Tamilnadu. It houses big exporting companies. My company exports software. So we are also inside this. This post is about the things I thought while riding my bike while coming back from office today.

I was turning that right turn immediately next to my company as usual, after leaving the office. It’s a 4 road junction. So while turning I used to focus more on the right side of the turn. After completing almost 80% of the turn I saw a glimpse of a person requesting for a ride. At the time I saw him, I’d gone about 5 feet away from him. I didn’t stop for him for no reason. Usually I will stop for people asking for a ride. Actually this MEPZ area has only one gate, only through which we can enter this area. Continue reading “Bike Ride To MEPZ Office – A Lesson Learned”

A Big Achievment Today

What a wonderful day it has been; I have drawn a demand draft from the bank; I got attestation for my passport size photograph; I took photocopies of the application; And finally applied for my examinations commencing for my 2nd year MBA course. Every thing happened in such an amazing efficiency that I feel so much impressed of myself.

I woke up very late on today, the first day of my weekend. Oh!… well!… not exactly. It is earlier than most of the weekends. I woke up at 11.30 A.M. Almost one and a half hours earlier than other weekends. Continue reading “A Big Achievment Today”

I Lost Money

It is a normal Saturday for me. But it is very exciting one for my friend. Because he is going to buy a new computer. It is not for him though. It is for his sister. What a wonderful day it is! We are completely unaware that in an hour we are going to be in a big shock that we lost money drawn from the atm for the purchase.
Continue reading “I Lost Money”