WPTranslationFiller Release v0.6

I’ve just released WPTranslationFiller Release v0.6. Placeholder correction (eg. %s, %1$s etc) is the main fix in this release. Along with that, there’s fix for html encoded symbols (eg. &#8220, &#8221 etc) as well. I’ve also restructured the project files to include Jasmine unit testing. It’s very basic at the moment with only browser based… Continue reading WPTranslationFiller Release v0.6

WPTranslationFiller Chrome extension

I’ve been contributing to translate WordPress to Tamil which is my mother tongue. While involved in this project I found that it would have been great to have the translations automatically filled in from an automatic translation service like Google API. Then I could review and edit it to suit the style and glossary of… Continue reading WPTranslationFiller Chrome extension