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Even though lot of things in this world are simple and perfect to their essence, we find most of the things out of place, imperfect or even can’t stand a chance kind. And we’re locked up in an endless search for that perfectionism (for which we only set the benchmark). Rarely some find it few blocks down the road, some find it in the next city, some find it in the moon and some never find it even after crossing the galaxy. Luckily some find it just under their hats (many people don’t wear hats nowadays, but you know what I mean…).

Many people carefully account the money coming in and out of their pockets. It is easy to note down how much you’ve spent in your last visit to the supermarket. And it is very important to do accounting to keep the boat without leaks. But how about time? Isn’t it the most valuable thing? Unlike money it’s a limited resource. And most importantly you can not deposit your time and get interest.

Ok ok… I’ll come to the point. This simple piece of web application is a result of such a quest that I had, to find that perfect little tool which will ultimately help me track my time. I’ve tried a lot of tools to do the bidding. But nothing fit into my ‘perfect’ definition. Ya its ridiculous to set a definition of perfectionism for something we see or experience for the first time. So I’d put it another way. Nothing helped me achieve my ultimate goal (tracking time not planning time. See the difference).

The tool I’ve used for a long time was google calendar. That means, out of all the options, it was the one I liked the most. But I discontinued using it because, it didn’t give you a report. And you can’t log a task which will take less than 30mins. You know that most of the tasks we do in everyday life is less 30mins long. They designed it to be an alternative to Microsoft Outlook, but that was not what I wanted.

Finally I found the solution right under my hat (well I also don’t wear any hat. But you know what I mean). I tailored the software myself as per my need. It’s doing great so far. But can I share it with the world? Will anyone even bother about a software tailored for MY use? Do people have similar needs like mine? Do people search for such tools? What if I had lot of bugs and people run away from it? Well yesterday I read a book ‘Getting Real’ by 37Signals.com and I decided to give the tool to the public and get all the above questions answered, rather than guessing the answers myself.

So the countdown is on and get ready to get excited… wait wait wait… don’t forget to drop your email to get notified of the launch in https://sprintask.vibgy.com. Have a great time…

By Vibgy

Born in Tirunelveli - High school St. Xavier's HSS Palayamkottai - College Dr. Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering Thiruchendur - Profession software Engineering - Passions writing, art, music and science