Sprintask 0.3 Released

Sprintask 0.3 Screen Shot
Sprintask 0.3 Screen Shot

It has been more than an year since I’ve released the beta version of Sprintask. Around 6 months ago Sprintask 0.3 was ready. But I thought of testing it for a few weeks before releasing. Few weeks became 6 months. Today I’ve been cleaning up my website a bit and thought that I should release Sprintask now, even though it is still in beta stage (that’s why I’ve version it 0.3).

What has changed:

  • User interface is recreated from scratch
  • Login and register modules changed

Known Issues:

  • Eventhough I’ve provided a ‘Recover Password’ link, it doesn’t work :p Don’t worry I’ll create is soon.
  • After starting a task, the timer doesn’t refresh until you refresh the page. It needs to be fixed.

sprintask – countdown for launch

logo of sprintask

Even though lot of things in this world are simple and perfect to their essence, we find most of the things out of place, imperfect or even can’t stand a chance kind. And we’re locked up in an endless search for that perfectionism (for which we only set the benchmark). Rarely some find it few blocks down the road, some find it in the next city, some find it in the moon and some never find it even after crossing the galaxy. Luckily some find it just under their hats (many people don’t wear hats nowadays, but you know what I mean…).
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