My First Game – Plan Ready

I’ve always loved playing games. I can live without seeing anyone and doing nothing but just play games for hours (even days). I’ve read a lot of debates about whether playing games is good for mind or not. One argument against playing games is that they don’t improve any mental abilities, but people with good mental abilities play games. I would partially agree to this. The thing I don’t agree about this argument is about not improving mental abilities. Actually games serve as a training ground to sharpen our strategic skills (I like Age Of Empires much, so this point came out. But other games sharpen other skills). It’s more like an expensive simulation researchers do before actually building something. We must agree that simulation is coming into almost all the industries. So what if I can simulate a 10 years of war in an hour? what if I can stimulate a life time of business development in a tycoon game? Well games give us ground to make mistakes quickly and safely to learn from them and apply them in reality.

But many people stop with just simulation. They never move to build anything in reality. Today morning I was going through a term called “Analysis Paralysis“. That is doing too much of analysis and doing nothing. Or spending more on analysis itself without making any real profit (I remember my college days when I spend hours to prepare the study plan before the exam and not studying anything). So I started thinking about implementing these strategies learned to real life (well imagine about a general who has triumphant in 100s of battles and has 1000s of years’ experience in war and managing cities). This is the point when I decided that I should do business and create empires. So what is the first step?

Well apart from the too much of involvement in playing games, I like computer programming also. Programming is not something I do for living. It is my passion, fun, life… etc. I remember the numerous C programs I’ve written to simulate the fancy curves I’ve studied in engineering studies. So I thought of combining these two passions together to create a new passion, game development. Game development is not new to me. I’ve created games from my school days. Some in C, some in VB some in Java, but I’ve not completed any. To get an idea of what I mean by not completing, I’ll give an example. In 12th standard (12th grade or High school), I’ve started creating a car race. In that game the car will not move, the background only will move. When I started the game the background moved, but it seemed like a plane flying. At that point that game was dropped. So like these I’ve created half baked games.

But I’m not a small boy anymore, I must create real games which others can enjoy and get trained in some skills (blah blah blah….etc… etc…). After a long day’s thinking and lot of scratching in the notepad with my ball point pen, I’ve arrived at a perfect plan to create a game. I don’t want to break the suspense by explaining about the game now itself. Most importantly, when its fully baked, it may be totally different from the whatsoever explanation I would have given now.

So keep up the suspense… I will release it soon…

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  1. Deii Vibgyy.. Can u share me that Car Game. I am very much excited to play it rather that ur new game.

    Carrrr Poguuummmmmmmmmmmmm…. aaaaanaaaaaaaaaaa pogathhuuuuuuuuu

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