Wacom Cintiq vs. HP TouchSmart

I was checking out various solutions for digital sketching/painting. The brand which caught my eye was the Wacom range of digital sketching products. Out of all their products, Cintiq interactive pen display seemed to be the premium tool for a digital artist. The price range is Rs.70,000 for a 12 inch pad and Rs.156,000 for a 21 inch pad.

Working in Wacom Cintiq
Working in Wacom Cintiq

As I was thinking about the ways to buy this product, yesterday I went to Ampa Skywalk with my friends. When we were window shopping at the mall, we came across a HP shop. They have showcased various laptops and desktops from HP brand. Something caught my eye. We went inside to check that out. It was “HP TouchSmart” tablet pc. I checked out the price and it was around Rs.41,000.

After reaching home when I checked out the sepcifications of these two completely discrete products. The one impressive thing was that both these products have pressure senstive touch sensors. If you’re an artist you’d have already got the point. That’s right, you can use this table pc to create your master peices.

HP TouchSmart tablet PC
HP TouchSmart tablet PC

Just in the store I opened msPaint application and tried some sketching, and found that it wouldn’t restrict a artist in anyway. The response was very fast, which is very important when you do a professional design. You need to try more creative ideas quickly.

Another important thing is that Cintiq interactive pen display can not sense finger touch. You can only use a stylus. But in TouchSmart you can use both finger and a stylus.

Another important thing to note here is that the “HP TouchSmart” uses wacom sensor technology only. This is a pretty good deal to have a Rs.70,000 worth of digital sketch pad with a high end computing power for the price of Rs.41,000. Isn’t that wonderful?

Eventhough the Wacom Cintiq interactive pen displays have been crafted for the special purpose of digital art, isn’t it good to have extra features for a lesser price? Ofcourse a part of your subconsious mind is telling you that there must be something extra for the money invested on the elite digital art solution. But I checked out the thouchsmart tablet PC, for how much it qualifies to be used as a digital art solution.

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