Sprintask 0.3 Released

Sprintask 0.3 Screen Shot
Sprintask 0.3 Screen Shot

It has been more than an year since I’ve released the beta version of Sprintask. Around 6 months ago Sprintask 0.3 was ready. But I thought of testing it for a few weeks before releasing. Few weeks became 6 months. Today I’ve been cleaning up my website a bit and thought that I should release Sprintask now, even though it is still in beta stage (that’s why I’ve version it 0.3).

What has changed:

  • User interface is recreated from scratch
  • Login and register modules changed

Known Issues:

  • Eventhough I’ve provided a ‘Recover Password’ link, it doesn’t work :p Don’t worry I’ll create is soon.
  • After starting a task, the timer doesn’t refresh until you refresh the page. It needs to be fixed.

Sprintask Bug Fixed: Wrong month in whitearea

Sprintask Error Fixed
Sprintask Error Fixed

Bug: When the task details are added to the white area, the month was showing 1 for Feb, which should be 2.

Cause: In javascript getMonth() function returns a number representing the month starting from 0 to 11. But this is not how we understand month.

Fix: Put getMonth()+1 in the script

Please feel free to report any bugs in any of the blog entries related to sprintask. Check out the premier: http://sprintask.vibgy.com/premier