Sprintask Bug Fix – IE Compatibility Issue Solved

Bug: Today one of my friends sent me a screen shot of a major bug encountered while opening http://sprintask.vibgy.com in IE6. It’s a javascript error.

Cause: There is timer which removes the red label directing new users to help. When the timer times out, it calls a function. Inside this function, new object variable is created for the div container containing the anchor link image. Then it tries to remove the 2nd child node of the container. It succeeds in chrome and firefox, because while rendering both of them create 2 child nodes inside the div container. But IE creates only one child. So trying to remove the 2nd child fails.

Fix: Instead of trying to remove the child of the container, I created another object for the parent of the container. And then removed the container itself from its parent.

I also removed an ugly outline coming around the red label in Firefox and IE.

Feel free to report any bugs you encounter while sprintasking.

Sprintask Bug Fixed: Wrong month in whitearea

Sprintask Error Fixed
Sprintask Error Fixed

Bug: When the task details are added to the white area, the month was showing 1 for Feb, which should be 2.

Cause: In javascript getMonth() function returns a number representing the month starting from 0 to 11. But this is not how we understand month.

Fix: Put getMonth()+1 in the script

Please feel free to report any bugs in any of the blog entries related to sprintask. Check out the premier: http://sprintask.vibgy.com/premier