Music and Humans

Utterly mesmerized by Imagine Dragons – Demons. I was wondering how nicely few instruments were put together to produce such a great music. So, will lot of instruments clutter the music? Not exactly. After Demons song, I listened to Beethoven – Symphony no. 9. Well, you can use hundreds of instruments and still produce beautiful music.

Have we invented music? Or have we discovered it? Or have we just named a part of ourselves? What differentiates music from just talking, making noise or communicating? May be all at the same time? I don’t think it is possible to convincingly answer all the questions.

What is good music? Is there anything like that? Is it possible to categorize a piece of music good or bad? 0 or 1? Definitely not. There can be more than a million shades in between good and bad music. Like statistics, no one music or noise can be identified as a perfectly good or perfectly bad. Even a noise can contain a pattern -a signal, which can qualify it as a music.

Different music types are like different religions. Those who like one may not like -even hate- others. The level of freedom we have with music is not yet achieved in religion -at least in many parts of the world. People who have intolerance should realize that souls with completely different preference for the type of music can still be friends.

Different music types can form clusters in the good to bad scale. Remember that the scale has more than a million shades in it! Like a finger print or iris pattern, we all have our own unique pattern of placing different categories of music in this scale. It’s perfectly alright for two people to have a particular category of music in the extreme ends of the scale. They can still be friends.

They can’t listen to music in the same room though. Oops! Are we forgetting headphones?

By Vibgy

Born in Tirunelveli - High school St. Xavier's HSS Palayamkottai - College Dr. Sivanthi Aditanar College of Engineering Thiruchendur - Profession software Engineering - Passions writing, art, music and science