Software Guy – Story

Vijay was ocuppied with lot of thoughts when he was driving his bike home after a long days work. The clock had already crossed 10:30 p.m. The bright coloured t-shirt and slightly faded jeans with woodlands shoe were enough to prove that it was end of that work week. Like most of the young men with slightly better academic performance above average, Vijay also entered the software world just two years ago. His new position as the unofficial team lead of the team with which he had been since he joined the company as a fresher made it clear why he was occupied with lot of thoughts. Continue reading “Software Guy – Story”

Sprintask Beta – Cooking

It has been a long time since Sprintask has been released. Though it has been an hobbyist project, I’ve used it extensively for my own purpose and found it very effective in tracking time in different tasks.

After collecting many recommendations from the users (mostly my friends), I started to develop a new version of Sprintask. In few days I’m planning to release the beta version of it. So stay tuned for the all new Sprintask for you.