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Do Humans Responsible For Climatic Change? Part I

Today I was extensively analyzing my plan to follow “Raw Veganism”. I was analyzing the various nutritional data for food items which can be consumed raw. I will give this report shortly. But in this process something else strike me. The very reason why I should become “Raw Veganism”, “Do humans contribute to climatic change?“. Before explaining this I will explain what is “Raw Veganism”. This is about consuming vegan diet without cooking. Vegan diet is nothing but eliminating all the animal products from the diet, including milk, egg etc. Check this Wikipedia link to know more about vegan diet.

Doing something without proper reasoning is like driving with your eyes closed. You’ll go fine up to the road is straight (unless you turn the wheels in the middle assuming something). But for driving fast we may have to limit some of the reasoning (assuming no one will cross the road without checking both sides of the road, the probability of the brake to malfunction is negligible, etc., etc.). We make a lot of such assumptions in all part of our lives. Waiting for facts without making any assumptions will paralyze us. But after going some distance with an assumption, we must stop and ask ourselves whether the assumption we’ve made was right or wrong. We can correlate our failures to that assumption and conclude if it is OK or NOT.

Humans have come a long way, multiplying rapidly growing faster than our environment. But the burning question is, “Do humans responsible for climatic change?”. This question has importance because this is something big enough to grab our attention. I want to split it into to two hypothesis, “Human growth is responsible for sensing the climatic change” and “Human growth itself has caused climatic change“. You may comment on whether formation of this hypothesis itself is right or wrong.

“Human growth is responsible for sensing the climatic change ?”:

Without distracting the topic we’ll analyze if the human growth contributed for detecting the climatic change. So who else can detect a climatic change? There is a long going debate between researchers on whether animals can detect natural disasters (mostly earthquake) prior to humans. But whether animals can detect disasters or not, they certainly can not detect a climatic change. They may detect it by genetic intelligence. Here I mention the term “Genetic Intelligence” in the sense that intelligence of the gene system. In other words the intelligence of the evolution process originated in earth (no information is available so far to check if the origination of the evolution process in earth is the first or very late – this can be verified if we find any living form outside our world with better intelligence and their planet is older than ours). Gene is a peculiar vehicle which takes the living organisms in earth to a better level through evolution process.

So how the animals detect climatic change through genetic intelligence? They change themselves into something else through the evolution process to adopt to their environment. Environment changes when the climate changes. Desserts change to rain forests. Sea deeps change into mountain peaks. So the living things are forced to evolve to exists. I’ve a big theory behind what is considered a living thing (apart from things that consume food and breath) and why they try to exist and the link between the two. We’ll discuss it later. Now coming to the point, the living things try to adapt to the changing environment by evolution. If the evolution is slower than the change in the environment (something like asteroid attack), the living things go extinct. I’ve already discussed this in my previous post

Living things include humans also. So humans also have the evolution process and we are already undergoing a change. But can we detect the climatic change exclusively? Yes, we’ve found lot of ways to detect the climatic change. We measure the changing size of the ice cap, we measure the ozone layer density changes, we measure sea water temperature blah blah blah… etc etc.  (to be continued… sorry people I’ve already spent 4 hours reading and thinking for this post, will provide more valuable information in my next post)

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